Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you who have had the courage,

the patience, the time and the vision to realize the UMAMMA project.

Big kudos from my side.



(owner - creative director - designer)

I see in many objects and in many places the opportunity to improve the 'Art Direction and its Experience. It's a thought that bothers me and I can't easily get rid of it.

I don't think it's healthy, it doesn't make me sleep well, but I still haven't found the cure.

All this leads me to look inside the details for all the answers, sometimes simple, often suffered, certainly alternatives to the standard now rooted. 

  • Architect

    Gabriele Evangelisti

    Gabriele Evangelisti grows thin and timidly rebellious between Italy and the United States.
    First record of absolute uselessness in obtaining two high school diplomas in two different continents. Then:
    Degree in Architecture, University of Florence (BArch); 
    Master of Science in Advanced Architecture Studies (MArch, SMArchS) a MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Surveyor

    Federico Donnini

    Federico, loved to play with construction block as a child and lego toys were his greatest passion, building and demolishing his work every day. Once a Grownup he had to deal with reality and his work has now become his favorite game, with great experience, he now also follows experimental projects, but most of all, he's still having fun as if it was a game.

  • Structural Works Management

    Piero Boldrini

    Piero Boldrini is a well known building engineer in Tuscany, his fame has been strengthened by his meticulous attention to detail and to all that is structurally relevant. Piero always in a good mood, says: working with cement and iron is heavy!


Roberto Ceccanti and Andrea Nelli create customized metal pieces,

thanks to their experience, fixtures and railings are only a small part of their workmanship, hard to describe all their heterogeneous works.